Example Adobe Connect 9 Adapter Class in C#

Adobe Connect 9 adapter class, does not implement all functionality but this should give you a flying start.


8 thoughts on “Example Adobe Connect 9 Adapter Class in C#

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  2. There is an error to the line 254
    line 254: query = query + “&first-name=” + firstName;

    Thanks very much for your job

  3. There are a few updates!

    GetGroupPrincipalId function must return like this:

    “return Request(“principal-list”, “filter-like-name=” +

    AddUserToBuiltInGroup function’s request query is wrong. “principal_id” must be “principal-id” and this query needs a new parameter “&is-member=true”. So new request query is:

    “group-id=” + group_id +
    “&principal-id=” + user_id + “&is-member=true”);

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