Creating Keyboard Shortcut to TFS Source Control Explorer In Visual Studio

One of the most hated actions that a programmer has to do is having to click on anything in the IDE. One way to avoid this needless waste of movement is to create keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts allow the programmer to keep her hands on the keyboard where it belongs.

Keyboard shortcuts are created by mapping a Visual Studio IDE Command to a key sequence, this is achieved with the following steps.

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. On the Tools menu select options
  3. In the Options dialog expand Environment > KeyboardImage
  4. In the Show commands containing edit box type view.tfs and from the resulting list select View.TfsTeamExplorer.
  5. In the Press shortcut keys edit box enter Ctrl + F8 this will assign that key combination the the command.
  6. Hit the Ok button, now you can easily access the Team Explorer from a keyboard shortcut.