How To Unit Test A LINQPad Code Snippet

Writing code is a programmers life; sometimes it becomes necessary to write pieces of code that you can conveniently run and evaluate  without spinning up a full fledged IDE. For those tasks there is a tool called LINQPad. LINQPad allows you to write/run snippets in C#, SQL and a few other languages. In oder to run the example in this tutorial you will need to download LINQPad and NUnit Lite.

After installing LINQPad and NUnit Lite open an instance of LINQPad and change the language to C# Program.


Next hit the F4 key on you keyboard to bring up the additional references dialog and browse to the location where you installed NUnit Lite. You will need to add NUnit Lite as a reference.


Copy preceding code into the LINQPad edit window then hit the run button, the results of the test will be displayed in the console window, enjoy 🙂


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