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What I blog about

My blog is about interesting emerging technologies, karate / krav maga, ted talks, MATLAB and random programming tips. I will also try to cover topics like Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization techniques as well as algorithm design and implementation. Stay tuned for some very cool stuff.

Programming Languages: MASM, VC++, C#.NET, Haskell, Java, Python

Favourite Tools: PyCharm, Visual Studio, Web Storm

Contact Info: stackoverflow | xacarter[at] gmail [dot] com


15 thoughts on “About

  1. hi i noticed that i can’t type a comment in the specific topic blogs even after i have registered. For example on the topic of Lottery prediction blog page, i am unable to leave a reply or comment. Please help. Thanks

  2. hi, thank you for your reply. Ok i shall not disturb you too much since you have other obligations. But i eagerly await your proposed solution for my research.

  3. hi,
    still doesn;t work on the reply comment on your blog about the lottery prediction. I still can;t leave a reply.
    Anyway, i was thinking of predicting a simplier version of the lottery draw. Here in Malaysia we have the 4D draw (i.e 4 Digit). Can we build a customised Neural Netowrok algorithm based on cluster analysis ? I have been developing a few analysis on the various categories and i wish to have a program code or diagnostic tool to help predict the next draw. The details will follow from my e-mail if you are not too busy to look into it. Awaiting your

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