Why I Love Seido Karate

Aside from the funky Japanese words and intense training rituals Seido Karate is a very traditional and precise martial art. Starting from the basic stance to blocking, kicking and punching it brings the student through a rigorous and rewarding regiment of training. Seido builds confidence through the teaching of self defence techniques and the exploration of ones chi.

Most forms of martial art has their beginnings in some form of Japanese or Chinese tradition with Seido being no exception. It has its roots  in a form of Chinese hand to hand combat. I love the feeling of serenity and self control that Seido brings to my life, when I practice there is a place deep within that my mind takes me. This place of utopia gives me the necessary levels of alertness and quickness of movement necessary to properly execute my kata. Training in Seido is great fun for me and i hope to advance steadily to becoming a “Student” of Karate in its purest form as defined by  Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura.